Financial Guru Charged With Tax Fraud

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  1. Good to hear, my cousin paid this guy a bundle for seminars, etc and then lost most of their money following his ideas.

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  2. I am also glad he got nailed, so many people got suckered in but I would still see some people defend him on message boards. If they can go after Kiyosaki I would be happy as those ugly obnoxious #$%@ing ng purple books in the business section are annoying. I bet Kiyosaki made even more money from books and seminars than Wade lol
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    We had a pretty good thread on Wade Cook a few years back. Even then a poster commented that the only stock market miracle is that Wade Cook is a free man. I think the Fed's are about to take care of that part.:D
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    While it is easy to blame practitioners of deceit or alleged deceit, there is nothing greater than the endless tide of self-deceit.

    Self-deceit? This is nothing more than the huge appetite of the masses who out of their own witless greed feed on the horesh*t handed out to them by various promoters.
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    Wade Cook Investing

    April 22, 1999

    When the Fool last visited Wade Cook in October of 1997, the stock of Wade's company Profit Financial had run up 650%, investors looking for a get-rich-quick solution were flocking to Wade's pricey seminars, and the state of Arizona had just dismissed 18 counts of fraud against Wade and his wife.

    Today, Wade Cook Financial (the company formerly known as Profit Financial) is a penny stock, Wade and his company are being sued by numerous entities, and unFoolish investors are still attending Wade Cook seminars desperately searching for the secret to making millions.

    So why should you stay away from Wade and his expensive seminars? And how can you convince your friends, family, and co-workers that they can win without him? Read this collection and find out.
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    Saw him on PBS's fund raising program, which goes to say how far such scheme can go. Amazing.
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  7. Several years ago, a Doctor had an option account w/a friend of mine. He was killing himself calling his own shots. I mean killing himself, down large. The broker was concerned he was a compliance risk, sent letters, counselled him, etc. The guy pulled his account.

    A while goes by, and broker gets a letter from the Regulators in Washington State, and he's thinking he's getting sued.

    Actually, our hero was an instructor for Cook in the State making outlandish claims, and they wanted his account records.
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  8. Wading in his own greed.

    By Hook or By Cook

    Too Many Cook, Spoil the ......

    Just a few ideas for book titles.
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  9. But His books has such nice embossed covers.
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  10. Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Cooked Dad

    One more.

    PS Doesn't Wade have the same 'appearance' as the other thief Koszlousy?

    Some genetic thing going on here?
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