Financial Futures Trading Platform - Sth Florida

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by Kav, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. Kav


    Just a follow up from a previous post regarding the possibility of setting up a trading platform in South Florida either Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale to trade CME/LIFFE/EUREX maybe more.
    Coming from sunny London I thought of trading over here to escape the heat back home and joining an existing set up, or if one doesn't exist ( which seems to be the case ) setting one up myself.
    Any interest or indeed any knowledge of existing trading rooms would be greatly appreciated.
    Look forward to hearing from you !
  2. hi kav...also interested in a south florida futures set up.

    as far as i know goldenberg hehmeyer bought a miami office off of refco after they went bust...not sure how big though...may have been just one or two guys?

    i looked into other prop shops...specifically in palm beach area. all i could find was HLV..but don't think they do futures and been some pretty funny posts about them recently.

    have you found out about any other firms in south fla area?
  3. What are you guys looking for just an office to trade from? Let me know....
  4. Sure, I'm looking for an office to trade from in Florida.
  5. sign me up