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  1. Like many here I'm thinking trading 24x7. I thought I share some of the fiction I've found with financial/trading content.

    Best author by far is Stephen Frey. Great novels with lots of finance, trading and action. I've read "The Insider", "Take over" and "trust fund". All excellent (and in paperback)

    Here is a link to one of them

    Another good one is Geoffrey Clarkson's "Day trader":
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    Try Atlas Shrugged...

    Peace and good trading,
  3. Now that's laying your cards on the table! I'm alway glad to know what makes a person tick.
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    After reading "Confessions of a Street Addict", I wonder if James Cramer's book would qualify for the fiction department if it were not for his wife?
  5. Another good one is "when genious failed" about LTCM. I enjoyed it.
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    The excerpts from the Frey novels look good. Ordered two of them (cheap too). Financial thrillers, there's an idea whose time has come.
  7. Not By Bread Alone - Wendell Will

    You’ll enjoy this work of fiction based on the self-discovery and journey taken by Mark Stevens - a man who has it all. By the age of 30 Mark Stevens’ unyielding ambition makes him one of the world’s wealthiest men. But this success comes at quite a price...this is a novel about the price of success.

    not too bad.

    by Wendall Will

    available from my father's website might be of interest to you

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    BTW; I like the Descartes spin :)