Financial Feed Adapter Vendor Recommendations

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Gayatri Patel, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. Hello,

    I would like to work with established and/or reputable integration vendors who offer specific adapters for financial feeds. This could include, Reuters, Bloomberg, DTN, etc using FIX and other protocols.

    I am also interested in working with integration consultants/firms who can build custom adapters as needed by our customer projects.

    I'd appreciate any recommendations and experiences...
    Thank You.
  2. Obviously it depends on if cost is an issue for your "customer projects" or not, if not that big of an issue (back in my old gig, I had them built a small order routing engine for me for about $250k, it was rock solid and very high performance), then Capital Markets Consulting (CMC) is very good, they built SIG's order routing engine. Do a google search for them.
  3. Rufus (or any other how might know it):

    As I am not a native english speaker, I am not shure if did understand it correctly:

    do you know if CMC offers a kinf of API or other connectivity that allows to automate trading e.g. via TradeStation ?

  4. No, it wouldn't be through TradeStation or any kind of environment, if you want to use TradeStation and the like, then just use them. CMC custom software are geared towards high performance automated trading systems custom built.