Financial Engineering masters programs

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  1. Anyone out there with a masters in financial engineering from one of the top programs? berkeley, carnegie mellon, columbia, chicago, nyu?

    Was it worth the money?
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    Just joking, Nitro. :D

  5. i am actually considering applying to these MFE programs in the next few years, but have not had the chance to research them yet -- any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  6. top ones extremely difficult to get in and expensive. but honestly these are the only ones that make sense because after all everybody can learn by reading a book, its the professors that make the program.
  7. Chicago's is top-notch, arguably the toughest to get through. NYU & Columbia probably have the edge in terms of placements, due to their proximity to the Street.

    I'm familiar with the program(UC), but cannot compare it to the other schools mentioned. Berkeley isn't what it used to be.

  8. doesnt u chi have a 12 month prep course for their degree?
    and even that doesnt guarantee u get a spot in the program i heard.
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    Anyone know the details on a top program like Columbia. Is it more attractive to hedge funds (or banks) as opposed to a Columbia MBA? Am strongly considering it, but of course have to get accepted to one of them first :)
  10. I don't know, but I wouldn't be suprised. It's very tough to get into even with a very solid math and/or physics background. A buddy of mine went thru the program and was hired by Citadel(hedge fund).

    I've a hard-science background but I was floored by the work, sat thru a lecture by Dr. Tsay last year. Super-fast pace...

    The top schools are really for maths/physics undergrads.

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