Financial Data Series Analysis

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    Hi, everyone, I post my article ¡®Financial Data Series Analysis¡¯ here that include newest and subtle concept and though. The article describes the fluctuating way of financial price---the complementarity¡¯s fluctuation of chance and determinacy. EW and Fractal Geometry are special cases in my approach. Some fundamental problem is referred: the limitation of form system and the laws of large number; and the definition of randomness. So it is too hard to understand it. My approach is enough strict to programming an automated trading system, and I am doing this work.
    If anyone has some problem about my approach, post your question here, maybe we have chance to cooperation.
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    Another article 'Consciousness and Its Evolution' discuss the related concept in higher level.
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    Post again.
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    I wasn't able to open either of the pdfs. It says the file is damaged and could not be repaired.

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    have other this problem? my internet connection is not reliable, I will post it agian at fit time.