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Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by mw129, May 28, 2013.

  1. mw129


    Hi Everyone ,

    I'd like to gather some discussion on astro trading. It is not a popular topic in the past, but with the Aquarius Age passing by, I think it have become more and more popular now.

    I personally use moon ingresses to trade with a tight stop loss around 25 pips on volatile market like JPY/ EUR/ GBP. I have traded on this strategy around 6 months and so far it works ok.

    Let's share more about good ideas on how to trade with astro profitably

    maybe let me do an example


    as you can see, the market usually stay near the ingress point and not moving exceed more than 25pips. and then boom, today I got the 50 pips profit

    p.s. you can get all the moon & planets ingresses at Swiss Ephemeris for Astro Trading. Transits. Today's Aspects. Declinations. Astrolog Software. Today's Moon Aspects. Astrological Chart. Trine. Square. Conjunction. Daily Aspect. Planets. Full Moon. Heliocentric. Geocentric.
  2. mw129


    here is another example


    it is really easy to trade and afterall it is profitable!
  3. luisHK


    Following the reading of this thread, I asked some hot intern to please show me her moon, so I could place an EUR/USD trade and got slapped across the face.

    Go figure !
  4. toolazy


    what is ingress ?
  5. mw129


    it is when a planet/ moon move into a new horoscope sign. you can just check the "ingress" column (and choose your own time zone) at and the program will show you accordingly with the time in your time zone.
  6. mw129


    hahaha you still have the 'slapped-hand-mark' on your face now?
  7. luisHK


    And I'm down 6pips.

    Better put you on ignore or ask the birds to wear shorter skirts :(
  8. toolazy


    Ok, I get this for around 2 hours back from now

    2013-05-28 18:40:24 Moon 28 Cap 05' 32" trine Mars 28 Tau 05' 32"

    What does this mean ?


    tried again and get always

    (only years from 2010 through 2019 are valid)

    Looks like a bug
  9. mw129



    follow my checks, then you will get the result

    for the phrase " (only years from 2010 through 2019 are valid)" it just means this program is showing transit dates for 2010-2019. you can ignore this phrase as we still have 7 years to play with this program before it is 2020.
  10. eurusdzn


    Any results from an Aquarius Age trading plan are inherently snooping, looking forward , since we haven't entered enter the age of Aquarius yet. Dude it is still the age of Pieces and at 72 years per degree of precession, it will be for your lifetime.
    This is similar to backtestimg entries today on stocks that will make a new 10 day high five days from your entry.
    Chances are you are using garden variety S/R levels and confusing them with celestial
    S/R levels. Agreed, it is hard to tell and takes years of practice......but, your'e definitely
    onto something here. Charge forward.
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