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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by gdtrader, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. What do you guys think about the FA jobs?? I know it is really tough to make it in a brokerage house... But what what about banks you always have the walk in guys it is a bit warmer atmosphere. Probablly less cash as well but there must be a better survival rate. Any of you guys ever worked at Citi, Chase, HSBC one of the bigger banks... If so please let me know about your experience there..
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    To me, that seems like a fun job. I've been pitched by more than one FA, they never had anything I liked, it's more for the not-so-smart money obviously. If I was required to sell products that I knew were wrong for the participants... not such a fun job, and they do structure things so the commission is greater on some products than others some times.

    Once I get past my current programming dilemma, that being that I am inept at programming in general and especially in C#, I'm going to automate accounts for a few good friends just so we can always have money for get-togethers and a reason to party often... and hardy maybe, I don't know what that's like anymore actually. We can certainly have our monthly, quarterly, semiannual, weekly and Friday /Saturday night stockholder meetings I suppose.....