Finance related certificates help to land a job.

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  1. Howaya folks,
    I was searching this forum for a thread about finance related certificates for individuals but couldn't find one, so if there is one just link it and I'll delete this.

    Anyways, my questions is: Is there any good financial certificates that I, as an individual without any experience working in the field (some respected certificates require minimum of 3 years or such in the field), could aquire to help me land even an entry level job in finance?

    Money isn't the problem, nor is the dificultiness of the program. Something that would be even modestly appreciated certificate, even better if it was focused on derivatives or the credit markets.

    If you or your loved one have any tips please let us know, hugely appreciate it.

  2. tommcginnis


    There's a CFA, and there's everything else.

    The Series 7 and 65/65 are pretty commonly expected for any retail position aimed at the general public for equities and insurance.

    Insurance/CFP stuff: Series 6 and various combinations of 62,63, 64,65..... Hoo boy.

    Simply taking the 65/66 is
    1) fall-over-dumb and easy, BUT
    2) it will show whomever that you mean business.

    Review materials for all these things are on the web and on eBay for way-cheap. And the tests don't change dramatically from year-to-year.

    That said, Google "Securities Industry Examination" and forget everything I just wrote. :D
    And remember: you shouldn't need a Fiduciary Rule to act in the best interests of your clients. :confused:
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  3. Times


    There is a free Master of Science, financial engineering program here

    Get this and your CFA and you should be able to stand out. Maybe write a blog too to show you're knowledgeable and maybe you have to start off interning, however, a job should be more probable.

    Me personally, I would rather trade full time myself from anywhere. But best wishes
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  4. raddo


    Finance/Math Phd is the most respected (more than certificates) ...

    Then you have CFA (already mentioned, probably the hardest, but it doesn't mean that it's the best), CQF (Certificate in Quantitative Finance - really good), FRM (risk management certificate), CAIA (Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst - good, little less demanding than CFA), CMT (Chartered Market Technician - not so respected as CFA, CQF, FRM or CAIA)

    Then you have various agencies that teach courses and you will get certificate once you finish course (some of those courses are good, but certificates are not so respected as having Phd or CFA)
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