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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Huskeez, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. Huskeez


    Hey guys ,

    Thinking about going back to university,
    The job i would most like to get at the end of my study would be;

    A) Working on a trading desk at an investment bank
    B) Working within a hedge fund
    C) Any other corporation where i will be able to trade funds
    D) Pretty much anything to do with trading/Investing is the environment i want to be in

    I was thinking about signing up for Bcom Majoring in Finance.

  2. koolaid


    A. That business is dead. If you are "going back" to are probably too old to break into any bank.

    B. These guys don't like to hire people with baggage. You might have a shot here...but it's VERY VERY LONG SHOT.

    C. NO

    D. advisers...teaching are realistic...NOT TRADING OPM.
  3. Huskeez


    Thanks for the reply! Was also thinking maybe bCom Majoring in finance then enrolling in a CFA program my final year.

    Im 28 , and will be enrolling for next year
  4. Any monkey with a pulse can get to trade OPM. It's not that hard.

    Never tell anyone what you can't or couldn't do.

    As you learn more and gain more experience.. you realize that your goals are ok.. but, not that great.. and that you can have much higher aspirations in life.