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    yup..........I thinks its true........the short term top is in.
    orrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.......the powers to be will use all the fuel stacked up here to break new ground.

    lots of divergences..........
  2. so........we either go up or down?

    are you certain?
  3. I remember when the Asian crisis happened in 1998, people spoke about it for 6 months before it happened. Then in August of 2007, we heard the first bad news of the crisis that peaked only a year ago.

    I think there are some "dark clouds" hovering above the markets right now like the debt situation in the Eurozone, China raising interest rates to cool their growth, oil going higher and putting more downward pressure on Europe etc. When this finally cracks, it will crack I think but maybe in the next several months and then only for a few months.

    From a technical point of view however, my method of signaling a change in direction does not indicate anything close to a turn around right now. As a matter of fact, the market seems stubbornly bullish and does not want to retreat.
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    you'll see 1120 sp before you see 1280..........
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    I've never been more certain that the market will go up....

    and then it will go down, then up, then down, then up, then down.