Finally we get the truth, Why Bernie did it

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  1. "“Bernie had a very small penis,” she wrote. “Not only was it on the short side, it was small in circumference. That he was now pointing it out to me was telling. It clearly caused him great angst. I wanted to be careful how I responded. Men and their penises have a strange and unique relationship.” "

    jezzus H Christ.
  2. Now tell me he wasn't computer literate.

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  3. Reading one word about him validates the guys existence, it is disrespectful to the people he cheated.
  4. First you are incredibly anti Bruno (homophobic perhaps?) and now you scan an article and instantly find yourself excited over this bit of information.

    Are you trying to ease some information about yourself onto ET before you share the truth with your family and friends?



  5. And a victim of Madoff is disrespectful to other victims. USA, Spain, Tokyo, Switzerland and other countrys invest with Madoff That book will be international.