Finally, they figure out what stock777 knew years ago

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  1. Could not be more glad the exchange's volume is at record lows. Is all because of this, yet Shapiro has just been firing out warning shots for the last 3 years and never does anything about it. All traders have left, am trading the e-mini and I just see you know who spoofing the bid 24/7, everyone else has left. Hopefully they never get the volume back for the way they have treated us allowing this manipulation day after day. Must admit have worked my ass of this year and for what - nothing - can't remember even one decent move.
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    HFT will be here for a long long time no matter what the government will do. HFT will one day wipe out small traders. Only the strongs will survive and the weaks will die

    More than 90% of small traders lose! They just lose!!

  3. It will be good to see where you will hide when the 2nd flash crash happens. Your right HFT has wiped out small traders, but if you've been trading in the last 3 months you would have known that HFT has wiped out TRADING ALTOGETHER.
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    HFTs are still here and growing at a substantial rate and the public will never know because HFT is a private sector.

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    stock! post the whole thing!

    all i got is this-

    Such activity "worries me," Ms. Schapiro said in a breakfast meeting ...

    ---High-Frequency Firms Face Fees on Canceled Transactions----

    didn't read the whole thing..but..fees on canceled transactions might not be enough..what about modifications?what about about orders without intention to trade? away from market? the list is endless...SEC(and gvt as whole) need to step in and simplify things. lets get back to basics..reality today is pretty simple-no matter what ,the retail guy is always last in line. i've seen it every single day, all day long..
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    That the world is round?
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    If I remember right, emg did quite well trading the first flash crash
  8. I have no problem with HFT, but fraud disguised as HFT. Sending millions orders and then cancelled all of them, this didn't add liquidity and making market more efficiently, it only worked as shills, who want to go shopping at store where so many shills walking around its customers.
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