Finally the Yen is moving

Discussion in 'Forex' started by peilthetraveler, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. Been so bored with holding it the last day or two in its infinately tiny trading range (and of course I was long at 89.35 which just happened to be the resistance) Hoping to cash out at 89.70 today now.
  2. AyeYo


    Now it's time for the EUR to shit or get off the pot. Granted I only watch four pairs, but I wasn't feeling good so I took Monday and Tuesday off... now I come back today and... everything looks the same.
  3. Heh...the Yen stopped as soon as i wrote that post. Stuck at 89.40 I think im going to just short it from here. Way too much resistance.

    As for the you missed the last 2 days? I did great in the EUR with that big drop down and that big ride up. But you are right....its very boring in the EUR for the last few hours
  4. USD/JPY 88.50 is just so crucial...look at it on a daily chart...this breaks and we go down...perhaps "freefall" from there..its been a major support...note this...
  5. poke...bump
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    It just feels insane with the Yen strength in the last few months. I also agree that on the charts it looks like the USD/JPY could drop like a rock, and although the fundamentals for the USD are very bad it is so hard to accept Yen as anything resembling quality.