Finally the pm rallies are over !!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Optionpro007, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. At least for today :D
  2. We had a small bounce when bonds closed (which is when they like to start the pm rally), but it didn't last.
  3. For months I have noticed how the indices rally defying gravity on every selloff.

    Today for the first time they took TA out the window......about time.....
  4. oh yeah, check out HPQ after hours.
  5. Are you kidding ?

    HPQ is a stock. I am referring to the major indices......
  6. Wow! HPQ up 6%. And the S&P futures are down a tick. NASDAQ futures down a point. Who cares about HPQ?
  7. institutions sold the big contract early after the cpi news and then kept selling after the open ----------- they must have been worried about something {time to start hedging those equities}.

    they were not on the liquidity pumper buy programs today either ---- if tomorrow has bad ppi & oil numbers we will get some follow through propelled by heavier equities selling ---- the close below 1224/25 for the es was not good.

    maybe tonight they will try a midnight rally? oh wait, the dax will probably continue its dive and the nikkei is due for a ringing of the till.
  8. and the ppi this morning was ugly ---------- dax was as low as -41 overnight, tough to have a rally when the eu market is weak.
  9. are the hedgies within a touchdown yet?

    must be close to 2 min warning no?
  10. Here's the after bonds close rally. Let's see if it fades away like it did yesterday.
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