Finally! Tesla IPO

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    whens it expected to be in the market?
  2. Thanks for the link, one to watch for sure.
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    Come on, are you fucking kidding me, an IPO to raise another $100 million dollars, lets understand something here, Tesla which many people don't even know what the company does, received a $465 MILLION dollar low interest loan. Tell me why they received this loan if the cars they produce are only for the rich, the first car released is going for SIX fucking figures and only a "FEW" hundred have been produced and sold so far. The next "FAMILY SEDAN" to come out will be priced above $55,000. Please tell me why this company is receiving these kind of tax payer handouts, the only people getting anything out of it are the already millionaires and billionaires invested heavily in the company. So here we are again handing out hundreds of millions of dollars to a car company that barely has any cars on the road or business plan moving forward to even show how great and affordable one day these cars will be for our economy and people.
  4. Tesla doesn't need to build cars. As long as the original investors get payed back all is good.
  5. it doesnt matter that this stock is losing money...this is going to be one of those stocks that everyone wants just because they make a cool looking car, so this company will get so overvalued very fast. I believe that once they go public, the stock will probably jump at least 500% in the first year, just with people speculating. Nobody buys on fundamentals anymore, everyone just wants the next hot stock.
  6. Why is the US Government lending Tesla money? Shouldn't they wait until they're a public company before becoming another auto bailout recipient?

    This has fiscal disaster written all over it...
  7. Because its electric car. The best one ever produced..
    And why is government doing this or that?
    Why do we have government helping anybody? .... hospitals?
    Why don't we make business of everything?
    Everything for profit damn it!
    Kidney 50k
    Leg 200k
    Eye 70k

    Health Care only for the rich! Yes!

    Everything right there in the market... just like butcher shop, the beauty of pure capitalism without ANY government involvement.

    I am truly surprised Tesla Motors was allowed to exist in the first place, you know the Big Oil lobby and stuff... And yet, none of the Tesla executives hasn't been assassinated yet.. they are still there..

    Tesla car can go 200 miles without charging batteries!
    Did you know this?
    But no sir.. we don't want that, we want cars powered by Saudi Oil, they are our friends and brothers... Stop fkn Tesla electric cars, who needs electric cars! Dont let government help them! They are enemies, they are from California for Godès sake!
    Letès go with Saudis.. please...

    How about famous postal service? 50c to send letter from Florida to Alaska? Wow... stop that crap right now!
    We want Fedex only! $20 for the same letter! Yes!

    You dumb fk!
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    Big oil and big auto isn't bothered by Tesla because the car is six figures. If they start building electric cars at a price below 30k then Tesla execs might need to start sleeping with one eye open. They get gov money for the same reason the rest of the "alternative energy" crowd does. So gov can keep doling out the big bucks for the big three, and big oil but look like they are supporting alternatives. Politicking.
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