Finally, someone RIPS Cramer on CNBC

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  1. Way to go Ben Stein! About time someone ripped Cramer on his own station.....
  2. what did he say.. i missed it
  3. And Michele CC said,"What a shame we can't go into Abortion on this show, afterall this is a financial news network,"

    Ben Stein replied,"Than why do you have Cramer on there?"

    (or something to that effect)
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    OOOoooooooooo :eek: :eek:
  5. as much as i hate to i have to defend cramer. he has been on a roll this year in his portfolio. last i saw he was up 26%. there are a lot worse out there.
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    True.. but a retarded chimp pointing at stocks in the WSJ probably has a better 5 year record.
  7. I thought Cramer 'was' a retarded chimp.

  8. Up 26% on the year? Hmm, given that his performances is so reliant on broad market movement, that's not really anything to brag about. Hell, I bet could I find a hundred funds that are up triple that without all the BSing he's put everyone through the past three years in about 10 seconds.

    And Ben Stein's wasn't really much of a rip. Afterall, Cramer does actually talk about financial matters -- the real dispute is the value in what he says.
  9. Cramer started picking stocks in 5th grade and worked his way up to hedge fund manager in the 90's mainly with 16 hour work days after a brief stint in journalism and some dues paid at GS.

    I hardly think a Chimp could out perform him with regard to stock picking for any lreal ength of time.

    I realize he has a big ego and a big mouth but you just don't get to manage a hege fund for any length of time unless you are a damn good stock picker (or arbitrage, etc.) not only to begin with but also consistently over time.

    What is Ben Stein's best investment idea 90% of the time? He likes to buy the Diamonds while moaning in broken record like fashion about the over valuation of the market.

    Give me a break, real stock picking prowess there.
  10. got to give cramer his credit. when he said months ago that we would go through 9500 i thought he was nuts. well here we are and it looks to go even higher.
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