Finally Some Good News, Grand Jury Refuses To Indict McDonald's Guy

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  1. Remember the incident in which a McDonald's counterman had two crazed women jump the counter and attack him and he responded by delivering an epic beatdown with a steel rod?

    He was just out of prison and faced going back for parole violation. The idiot DA tried to throw the book at a guy who was arguably a hero. The Grand Jury refused to indict him, so at least he has his freedom if not a job.

    BTW, the article said the DA took 11 days presenting this to the Grand Jury. How could that even be possible, and what does it say about the allocation of resources if it is true?
  2. Great news:)
  3. Ricter


    I don't recall this one. By "epic beatdown" do you mean aggravated assault? What did the women attack him with?

    Edit: nevermind, I'm on mobile and the video frame didn't load, I see it now.

    Ahh yes, beating them when they were down. He should go back to jail.
  4. There are some Black People, probably lots of them, that don't like 'gangsta ethics, 'gangsta manners... I knew one, he shot a gang leader point blank, the guy didn't die, and my friend got probation for about 6 months..

    The cure for the problem is for Blacks to work in the private sector. Many live in welfare ghetto-reservations, welfare never pays enough, they subsidize with crime and they get the criminal mentality shoved in their face every day... As long as Blacks are Democrats and let people like Jessee Jackemup represent their interests by suing white employers they are not going to get many private sector jobs, the hiring risk is too great, they might as well learn to love the gangsta thingy..
  5. Bitches got what they deserve.He deserves a medal .I hope he sues McDonalds for not protecting their employees or something

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    For once we disagree. Beating them when you've already put them down is excessive force. I realize he's probably not trained.
  7. It looks like he kept beating them when they tried to get up.After striking him without cause then 2 of them coming behind the counter to attack him he had every right to hit them if they tried to get up imo.They already attacked him twice he had a right to defend himself from a third attempt imo
  8. I'm just going to go out on a limb here and say he has more experience than you do in handling that kind of person. He told the one on the ground not to get up and she kept trying to. For all he knew, she had a gun or knife she was trying to pull. He may not have even known they were women. They sure don't look like they are.

    I know this is a tough issue for liberals. A violent minority felon, normally someone who would garner excessive sympathy from liberals, beating down two minority lesbians engaged in a violent assault, again obviously people worthy of liberal sympathies.

    For me, this case illustrates a far larger principle. Are we as a society going to go down the road that europe and the UK went down, where it is illegal to even defend yourself or your property from criminals and the victims end up getting prosecuted? We saw the result of that kind of thinking in the London riots.

    We are seeing the leading edge of it here with the various convenience store flash mob attacks and on a larger scale with the "occupy" scum, who for some reason appear to be above the law.

    Keep it up and we will end up in one of two places. Either with a violent, Mad Max-style country terrorized by mobs, or, with a repressive police state with suffocating security. The only reason we get the latter at airports now and not elsewhere is the terrorists are not a big voting bloc in most cities. The other scum and their supporters and enablers are.
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    You shouldn't have done that, it used to be my job. Could have been his job, too. At any rate, the law is clear, if you can effect an escape that is what you are to do. I have no objection to the initial use of the rod, in fact escrima was my best art, but I object to the hitting after they're down. As for "they might have this or might have that", I don't know, and neither do you.
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    It's a scary trend.
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