Finally, solution to poverty is here!

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  1. The implicit threats have always been there, and the companies operating here have always been aware of them. I hope this doesn't come as a shock, but living entities (which includes organizations) are, in fact, aware of existential threats as a top priority; it's called survival.

    But now that you have completely retreated from your position after seeing just how silly it was - from "EAT THE RICH! Revoke their business licenses! Let them sell to Africa", etc. to "wait, no, let's just stick with the status quo" - I have no further questions.
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    And? I never once mentioned debt. I'm not a fan of China at all, Chinese industriousness and commerce combined with a total lack of care for nature equals the destruction of the planet.
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  3. Great job putting words in my mouth. My posts stand and I retreat from nothing. But you made it on my ignore list. Bye bye.

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  4. I've found that demonstrating the sleaziness of what they do to people like you is far more effective than trying to argue with them about it. The latter is a complete waste of time, since their tactics aren't intended to look for truth but to show how smart/witty/etc. they are. Showing that they are actually the opposite of that leads to highly desirable results...

    ...such as this one. I couldn't be more pleased at having filtered yet another one of you out of my life, with so little time and effort invested.
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