Finally, solution to poverty is here!

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    Ah, okay. I just figured the video was making fun of all the Democrats screaming for socialism. Didn't realize there was actually something for sale....they must be non-native English speakers.... otherwise they'd realize how gimmicky/tacky that plug was..
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  3. China has a major downfall and that's faulty infrastructure. The cost to build over there is really high unless you build using cheap and low quality products. The real problem is the lack of adequate regulations on construction contractors in China. Because of the costs of shipping high quality materials to china.

    Contractors are using low end material that doesn't stand the test of time. If a company from the west moves to china to do business, they will find this out the hard way in about a decade when everything around them starts falling apart.
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    You are aware that some of the highest quality products are also manufactured in China, right? In fact, majority of electronics has 'Made in China' on it. I have a hard time finding anything not made in China right now near me, some of it is/was some of the pricing in it's class (laptop and components).
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  5. I wouldn't exactly call them "high quality" products. Example; If you buy a PC that the products to build the machine came from China. That PC might only last you 2/3 years before you need new components or even a new PC completely. If you build that PC yourself using products that didn't come from China that machine might last you 8/10 years with proper maintenance. This is because China is built using a bleeding band-aide economy structure.
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    Ok, let me know what PC parts don't come from China. As in really check them.
    Your iPhones, in fact ALL phones are built in China as are the components. You might find 5-10% at most are not Chinese made products. Processors and HDDs come to mind, only.
    My T-series Lenovo which costs about $1800 new is from China, works without major problems as do my older T-series.
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  7. Meanwhile, Joe Average no longer has a job (because you've chased the business owner, his money, and his production facility out of the country), can't buy anything with the money he has left - food, utilities, housing, etc. - for the same reason, and what little cash he does have left has been inflated out of existence.

    Thanks, we'll keep our productive people here.
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  8. Nonsense. Whom would Amazon sell to if they lost their business license in America and Europe. It would never come to that. But you still need those those threats and the ability to suspend licenses to keep companies in line. If I argued along your lines we would all be dead by now. After all, the nuclear missiles we all point at each other should have been launched a long time ago. No, threats are often the biggest guarantors of peace and fair play.

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  9. So do companies in every economy today, unfortunately. Japanese household items lasted 1.5 decades or more before. Today you are lucky if a Panasonic or Toshiba or LG fridge lasts 3-4 years without major breakdown.

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  10. You are aware that some of the most indebted companies are also from china ? Easy cornering the export market when 95 % of the country companies lose money on a systemic basis year after year ? Don't get me wrong, they surpassed North America in innovation, and possibly Japan but when one's country ( lil china ) creates Dark Pools for defaulted loans and bad loans, so the country's CB can bailout " in the dark ", you know it's a wrap

    You think HK is blowing up cause of some Extradition Bill ? People are really really broke in china and HK, Inflation is running out of control and they are tired of it... 380 % of Income to Mortgage ratio ? Printing to infinity with a closed capital account made you the king of exports in the world cause every company can operate at steep loss, credit is beyond unlimited, it's expected, but at the expense of 96-97 % of the population. chinese SOE's dump Steel cheaper then the cost to make it, how does that even make sense in business theory ? china Railway company debt on paper is 5.40 Trillion Yuan, Tic Toc ? Federal Reserve says low inflation, once the clowns in china get toppled and nobody takes the grenade for the world anymore, prices are gonna rise fast on many things! Corporations will go exploit other poor countries, but those will operate at a profit, like china did at it's humble beginnings of export economy
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