Finally, solution to poverty is here!

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  2. Because very few of the rich actually have a true heart for those who lacked equal opportunities. Bill Gates is a huge exception. The norm is along the lines of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. Travel to Mars and space travel for the rich. Ridiculous.

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  3. Sure and one day later we should remoke their business licenses to operate in our jurisdictions. Let them try to make money selling products and cloud space and electric cars in Africa. Europe and Amerika will be off limit then. Very simple.

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    If your algos are working, you share it with other unknown traders


    If your algos are working, you keep it to yourself
    (because you lost your houses, lost your sports cars, .... and suffered broken family .... just to make the algos working), and you continue to earn tons of money. your algos is now a holy grail, and is priceless and you don't need 2nd source of income.

    anyway, nice to see such advertisements so that we have a better idea how to sell fridge to the eskimo.
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  5. They could manufacture elsewhere (i.e. China) and export to the west.

    More brains from the west will move to China because all the companies are moving there.

    The west can tax/tariff all they want but their citizens have to bear the costs, because they do not have local products to compete with foreign products due to their high taxation (disincentivize businesses formation).
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    Since when are the American blacks the epitome of poverty. We live in a global world and they have a lot of opportunities and wealth in comparison. Indian or Filipino farmers are a different story - most of them can't afford dental care or pay for school supplies and can only dream about owning a car.

    The concept and video is pure cringe.
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  7. Even to sell to Americans or Europeans licenses are needed. If companies or those who greatly benefited from our affluent populations don't play along then they won't even be able to sell. It's really that simple in the end.

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  8. %%
    Actually that IS the main group players/buyers/gamblers.LOL:D:D. Buying some gas for my 4 cylinder HMC+ asked a looto/lotto player ''ever won anything??'' He said ''i've come close !!'' LOL-LOL. NOT a stock tip , not a looto/lotto buyer.............................................................
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    Isn't the video intended to be a joke?
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    The company is trying to be like collective2 for crypto, so the idea itself is not horrible.
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