Finally, solution to poverty is here!

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    LEAD by example ! Don't need to appeal to people.
    Algoshare should do it first.
    Then there will be followers.

    Anyway nice video.
  3. What a joke, anyone who believes this is retarded. The few owners of airbnb, uber, and the like make a killing, customers don't ride cheaper in most cities than previously and drivers can't make a living wealth. And once autonomous cars are fully developed they will simply put drivers out of business. How ai is in the remotest related to airbnb as shown in the video is a puzzle to me. But bottom line is: anyone who believes money is raining from heaven for doing nothing is a hopeless loser. Letting robots or ai work for us is a total fantasy and makes zero economic sense. For example, one inconvenient truth why we are all still alive is poverty and wars. Without poverty and wars this planet would be so overpopulated we would all choke to death. If every household had its robot slave we would all have time to fuck all day and make 6 or 7 kids, good luck with that. Most of those who propagate for Universal Basic Income are completely clueless.

    The only sane solution is to discourage becoming billionaires by taxing topi ncome much higher and redifining income as anything that increases wealth, whether equity or pay checks or dividends or interest or rental income or stock options or other capital gains, realized or unrealized. That is the only way we know as of now that works. Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Scandinavia are all glowing examples how a huge majority of the population lives a very comfortable middle class life style and enjoys top infrastructure, quality housing, quality healthcare, quality corporate life, quality vacation, quality food, all of which is utter shit in America. But of course the rich who fight against this always have one example what would happen if income was taxed higher: Venezuela. Laughing my ass off how the masses eat this crap and truly believe those lies.

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    Right, maybe their concept itself is not so bad, but why would they put this spin on it!? What the hell do they know about black families in America anyway! Ridiculous pitch.
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    The idea that someone living in poverty is going to try and improve their situation by renting an algo is laughable. That being said, I would not be surprised if they got funding for this project.
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    this is similar to :

    Finally solution to poverty is here !
    Go Casino and GAMBLE !!!

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    Reduce the wealth gap between the rich and the poor....


    Funny stuff right there....

    How many decades of all talk of reducing the gap between the rich and the poor and yet nothing....
  8. If you tax the rich too much, they will take their money away. Stash them elsewhere and never bring the money back home to be taxed, just like how the big corporations are doing now. The country's economy will slowly collapse.
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  9. Yupp, getting returns on algo trading is soooo simple and of course the pros are eager to share their hard earnt IP with a bunch of people that put in no effort.

    Also I think people who aren't traders quite often don't quite grasp trading is not guaranteed income and involves large risk taking, sometimes much worse than in other types of businesses. And of course usual caveat applies, to make a million is much easier if you already have at least one.

    (FWIW didn't watch video, inferred topic from posts so far.)
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    Gruelsterman is right. Who the hell published that? A crypto-trading algo robot that everyone participates in, so the poor can get their fair share. That is not "hard-core" capitalism, that is anarcho-syndaclist commune-type stuff.


    Are people this daft? The world is doomed.
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