Finally! Pullback imminent...Stock Trad3r's the Trigger

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by sandygray66, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. The market's been waiting weeks for this. Stock Trad3r finally comes back and trumpets the "new bull market".....time for the pullback to begin!!

    Seriously, when he comes out an blows his bull trumpet the market falls with a VERY high probability. I think he's the greatest satirist (and market timer) on this board.
  2. clacy


    True dat
  3. LMAO :D

    Murderize the Bears, then Maim the Bulls. It's a helluva way to make a buck, but no one is forced to play this game.

    Yeah, I think you're right.
  4. you guys realize of course that stock_tradr is not a real person but a bot.
  5. True, as are his evil twins ByLo (the bot that finds and posts every negative news article published, no matter how obscure) and S2007S with his incessant bearish rants.

    Notice that all three bots were unleashed on ET in the summer of 2006, and each have posted over 8000 times since then. Clearly all three are experiments by Barron to try to generate activity on the board. But Barron might have inadvertantly developed the greatest contrarian indicator with his Stock_Trad3r bot.
  6. Shut up, you stupid cunt. When the economy crashes, don't ask me for currency, gold, food or ammo.

    You're on your own, bitch.

    (You're right about stock_turder, and that's about all, sandygraybeaverhair)
  7. Shortie - See what I mean? Just like I explained in my response to your PM. predictable. :D

    Notice how the mods won't censure him. Just a punk on the payroll from Daddy-Baron.

    Edit: Even better, instead of censuring him, they through this thread into chit-chat so no one will see it. HA!!
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    :eek: Yikes! I would not even talk to my wife like that! :D
  9. Be a man!

    This is what's wrong with America!!!

    (Don't say 'cunt' to your wife; use a more biblical approach such as 'woman, surrender to the man of this household as you are commanded byYahweh!)