Finally proof there is a god.

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    This guy continuing to win has to be like a 10 sigma even at this point. Chicago could have taken a knee three times in a row punted the ball and its game over, instead Barber runs out of bounds, they march the ball up field and nail a 59 yard field goal to tie, then Barber fumbles in field goal terrirtory in OT to hand denver the game, and Tebow and the Broncos pull off another miracle. Tebow has to be one of the worst quarterbacks i have ever seen until the fourth quarter where he pulls off one miracle after another. Jesus loves Tebow.

    In all seriousness even though im not religious it warms my heart to watch how much a genuinely good guy like Tebow pisses off liberals because of his religion. :D

  2. Nice tonsure...
  3. Which pretty much makes you a drama queen:D
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    Max E.

    Says the male nurse who falsely accuses everyone that disagrees with him of being a racist.

  5. How do you know he's a genuinely good guy, do you genuinely know him ?
    I personally didn't like his attitude, here's my Jesus in your face, excuse while I pray in public and make a spectacle of myself, but the boy is playing damn good, surprised me. He is looking like a pro quarterback and a winner. I can overlook an athlete being an ass if he has the game to back it up and Tebow is backing it up, so kudos to him.
  6. The press makes sure to document all of Tebow private moments with his God. Yet they never show the group prayers before and after the game with players from both teams holding hands in prayer huddles.
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    If you cant tell by listening to him speak that he has his shit together you are a poor judge of character he gets shit on week after week by one announcer after another and he never fires back, and never gets upset, at the end of all the games he always gives all the credit to his team mates and coaches and of course jesus, and never takes any credit for himself. It is very easy to tell that he is a good guy if nothing else.

  8. I haven't listened to him, just some parts of the clips in the news. But it's amazing you have such a power to watch an interview on TV and know the soul of a man, kinda like Bush did with Putin, but even Bush had to meet the man face to face. You go maxi. What other physic powers do you possess. Do you know what number I'm thinking of right now?
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    Its funny how no one ever says anything bad about Ray Lewis and he is exactly the same way when it comes to leading all the players from both teams in onfield prayers and talking about god in interviews, plus Ray Lewis got off of a murder rap by rolling over on the shooter. But the media has no problem with him.... wonder why.

  10. Didn't Tebow write Bible and Jesus shit on his face during college, a screem and cry for attention.
    Kinda hard for the press not to report that when the guy has it on his face, isn't it mexi.
    You should stop now.
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