finally proof of ManIpUlation.

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  1. Its been a long time since I have been able to finish reading a zerohedge article. I used to spend the time to read it with an open mind now it just hurts my head. Always such a hard read.
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    Like a moth drawn to the light, or is it the mosquito to the bug zapper? In any event, apparently you just can't stop perusing ZH even after bashing it. Interesting.
  3. I look at it a lot less than you'd think .

    And when I do its always the same wrong headed paranoid bullshit.

    And you?

    They have caused huge losses to anyone that believed their negative view.
  4. Its funny because when I first discovered ZH I thought I found an underground source for information not many people knew about but as time went on It seemed like a constant drudge report. I will admit though that I did enjoy when they were goin at it with CNBC.
  5. You are probably right. A reader might think there might be a email from JPMorgan, but the volume signals Andrew Maguire described is not evidence. Perhaps he is hoping for a payday with the whistle blower windfall.

  6. Don't you get it, if its not going up it must be a conspiracy!

    And whats with that short silver position JPM took over from Bear Stears they talk about. A real hoot.
  7. It has been going up for a decade now.

    If it's manipulated to the downside even better.

    Icing on the cake.
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    Silver is a manipulated market without question. How does a price remain at $5 an ounce for 20 years and not rise with inflation.

    Silver will never go to $150 an ounce or gold at $5000 an ounce. What would happen to the dollar? The dollar would be completely destroyed.
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