Finally, I got rid of AT & T

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by BPtrader, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. it's been so difficult to cancel AT&T service, they dragged me through a whole billing cycle, but I finally got rid of it.

    The same is true with withdrawing money from a ponzi firm, easy to deposit money though.

    I promise to myself I will never use AT&T again.
  2. Congrats.

    I want to try it.

    How does it feel? What do you miss / not miss?
  3. I feel liberated. I will never touch AT&T again. Let it die (I believe it died once).

    If you need a landline for your home, I suggest you get a magic jack. You won't regret it, trust me.
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    I did that with Ooma (superior to Majic Jack) and went back to AT&T within a month.

    Dropped calls, lousy voice quality, Internet (fastest Road Runner cable) slowed to a crawl when on the phone. The only thing I miss is the ability to block telemarketers by number.

    Test your Internet VOIP speed free before you even try it.
  5. Are you talking about DSL, landline, or wireless service? I have ATT DSL and Comcast cable internet and find DSL much more reliable for trading (i.e. never lose my connection with DSL unlike cable internet).
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    I prefer DSL Extreme cheaper and better service. I'm with them almost a year after many years with At&t
  7. if you are in chicago - give CLEAR a try. Faster than DSL. I got it at best buy. I have phone, internet and wireless card all for about the same price i was paying for DSL.
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    CLEAR is not too well known right now. They are going to cause chaos for other providers someday soon. Hooray! AT&T sucks.
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    I did the same thing. I ditched At&T for magicJack. Best move I ever made.

    Ooma is obviously not superior to magicJack.
  10. Very unlikely that voip will slow down the internet, it uses perhaps 50 kbps. Poor latency of your cable internet may cause delays in voip.
    There can be plenty of problems with Clear in Chicago and other areas where they operate. However they can certainly be an alternative when it is working properly, watch for the latency though.
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