finally got money gack from refcofx

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by lite, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. lite


    after waiting for a year, finally got 70% of the money back.

    it's better than nothing.
  2. Took me two years to get back 50% of funds from a similar situation in another firm several years ago. This is why I would never have all my funds with a single broker, no matter who they are. Contrary to what most people think, you can lose all your funds in a futures account, although safer than FX. Segregated funds mean absolutely nothing.
  3. JayS


    Thats a better return than most got here during that time. j/k :p

    Glad to here you got some back.
  4. bidask


    secured lenders get paid before customer fund? that's weird. i thought all employee wages, debts owed to vendors, and customer funds need to be paid first. that's the risk of lending, even if it's secured lending. what's going on here?
  5. lite


    thank you guys.

    i feel lucky that i can get some money back. i thought i was gonna lose them all.
  6. Could you give more details? What was your account size? How did you get your money back? How did they contact you?

    I had $700 in a RefocFX account but haven't heard anything yet.
  7. Congrats for getting some money back from those bastards. I'm still waiting, but not holding my breath.
  8. This sounds strange, some getting money back, others don't ?!:eek:
  9. And 70%? Very strange.
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