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    cant wait what all of bushs little homunculi will say to this.

    i guess this will unfortunately be a very short thread as they all live in denial and refuse to admit bush is infact americas biggest enemy, not bin laden.

    did make me laugh though - theyve been after osama since 98! fuck me thats like 8 years now.
  2. OK seriously though....that video is older than Jesus
  3. Really? 21 minutes in, the video mentions an airline crash which took place on <b>August 15th, 2005.</b>
  4. I still laugh at the molten steel in the basement having burned at a higher temperature than at the areas where the planes went in. I had a thread awhile ago about a physics professor questioning some of the data released. Just take note of the UL guy's comments on jet fuel and the high grade steel.

    The cell phone thing was interesting if true.
  5. wonder who is going to be the first to post a link from Snopes discrediting the whole video...
  6. Great movie.. 100% proof that someone is lying..

    yet nobody cares... and nothing will be done....

    man I wish Washington, Jefferson and Franklin were still alive :(
  7. the voters are responsible