Finally Ann Coulter is forced to shut the fork up...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ZZZzzzzzzz, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. kut2k2


    She broke her own jaw? I don't buy it. Somebody hauled off while shouting "STFU, you adams-appled skank!" :D
  2. She's definitely a tranny or hermaphrodite.

    Only the GOP Party could find Palin or Coulter remotely attractive (Grand Old Perverts & Pedophiles):
  3. Since you think it's okay for gays to adopt little boys, I bet you also think it's okay for liberal weirdo tranny's and hermy's to adopt too? That's sick doooood.
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  5. Did God have Ann Coulter in mind when he created Woman? :p
  6. ZZZ, I know I join all of us here in saying how sorry we are for you that the 12 step program for your tragic Coulter addiction failed, yet again. I hope this failure does not result in another manic cross country car trip wearing diapers to stalk her in person. Maybe that was someone else, now that I think about it, but it sounds like something you would do. Just remember that Ann has firearms and knows how to use them. Silly me, how could you forget when you have a poster of her firing an automatic pistol on your bedroom wall?

    For the rest of the liberal dirtbags here, try to understand this. Conservatives respect women in public life for their achievements, their intellects, their ideas. We are less impressed by who their daddy was or who they're married to, hence our appreciation for Coulter and Pallin and our coolness to Caroline Kennedy and Hillary. All the comments about Palin's looks came from liberals, the same people who think they can effectively rebut Coulter's arguments by making idiotic comments on her looks.
  7. who here wants their daughter to grow up an 'ann coulter'

    i'd rather mine o'caroline :p
  8. I love Anne Coulter, she is an attorney and understands the low level of the debate. She says things like "evolution is a theory that the evidence doesn't support", which is true. Many have figured that out, that won't stop the Liberal Fascists from insisting on it being true since it's a big part of their religion of government...
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