Finally, An Effective Drug Smuggling Policy

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Aug 5, 2011.

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    Too bad the agents using it are getting into trouble.

    ...two border patrol agents apprehended four men on suspicion of taking part in a marijuana smuggling operation from Mexico.

    They forced the suspects to eat the drug and strip off their outer clothes, socks and shoes, which were set on fire, the indictment said.

    The men were then told to flee into the desert night, where temperatures were about 40 degrees, it added.

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  2. Lucrum


    Here is another effective ant-drug idea. Cut off ALL welfare. Most of the recipients are buying drugs with our tax dollars. Creating the demand.
  3. I dont know that thats an effective drug smuggling policy. Put yourself in their shoes. If you are a drug smuggler and the authorities catch you with enough drugs to put you away for 20 years would you prefer jail, or prefer to go in your underwear through the desert in the cold of the night and have some discomfort for a day or so?
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    Good point. I've sprinkled a line of talcum powder from the street to my front door threshold and I'm sitting here having a beer while I wait. :D
  5. pspr


    Don't forget, they have to eat all the drugs, too.
  6. CrackPipe

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    That would make them more desperate for cash, resulting in an increase in crime, resulting in an increase in tax expenditure investigating the crime.
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    You just reminded me why I rarely pay attention to anyone having registered in the last 90 days or so. Thanks.
  8. A person who doesn't know how to manage their money ends up penniless. Is it logical to give him a welfare check? HELL NO! Give him a sandwich.

    Get rid of the welfare check line and put a sandwich line in its place.