finally,an ANALYST tells the truth

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  1. Jefferies says that with rough seas ahead, load the boat with MHS, AMED and EMS

    Jefferies says that with he global economic environment deteriorating rapidly, ongoing market volatility is all but certain. It is essential, the firm says, that investors avoid the inclination to call a "market bottom" and remain defensive by trimming gains and making new/additional investments in economically-resistant companies with compelling valuations. They say any market strength this week will likely be fleeting as investors find it hard to deny the deteriorating domestic and global macroeconomic environment. With capital availability contracting, unemployment rising, and consumer spending falling, firm says the outlook for the equity markets remains dire. A recovery from this downturn is nowhere in sight and will, when it begins, be lengthy and painful. With this outlook, they recommend that investors remain defensive and make opportune investments in healthcare services. Their top three healthcare services picks for the week include Medco Health (MHS), Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Amedisys (AMED).

    although the chart on AMED is as ugly as it gets.
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