finally after 10 years trading forex

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  1. i discovered almost 100% foolproof forex holy grail that will at least double my account every year ,omg i;ll be rich very soon,jusy wanted to share,that this thing exist, for those of you who lost any hope :p
  2. Great troll thread here

    Can't wait for the others to show up here
  3. well,you did:D
  4. but on a serious note ,troll or not ,i really discovered great strategy that seems always make money
  5. vinc


    Mr double doubles..Personally, I don't find that surprising.. Who would ?? :)
  6. Digs


    Best the way to make money on forex is, DONT TRADE forex, then your return will be ZERO%, better than most FX traders

  7. Mr double- share that genius full proof plan with us that makes money 100 %. we all want to make money here - share with us your strategy.

    Don't fool us...................:D
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    I stopped reading right there.
  9. great trolls are not created, they just evolve.

    is there a chat room and live trading for $299.00 per month.
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