Finally a Winning Intraday System

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    MSFT Equity Curve
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    The microsoft data is from 01/02/01 to 08/02/02

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  3. If your system does well in higher time frames, try it on daily data! If it is as good as you believe, then trading on the daily will allow you to trade it, make a profit, quit your job, and trade intraday, and become a professional trader with your system.

    Go to it, and very good luck!
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    That is a great thought, unfortunately this system is definitely intraday, when I speak of higher time frames I mean anywhere from 1min to an hour.

    I may work on tweaking this for that use, that would definitely solve some of my time issues. I may just create a .dll for tradestation and have someone like efloortrade trade it for me, will cost a little more but don't have to worry about quitting my job right away.

    Anyone know if you could secure a .dll so that it couldn't be hacked and so that a code would have to be entered like weekly or it would deactivate. Just some paranoid delusional thoughts. :D :D

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    Broker Assisted Trading,
    Has anyone ever placed a system with a broker and then the broker finds clients to trade the system and then you get a cut from the profits???

    Anything remotely close to this?

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    There are lots of brokers who resell signals from individual trading systems of their own design, and created by others. For some brokers like Striker, this is their main business.

    Your problem is that the broker usually charges a hefty commish for this service, as they should since they are doing all the work for you. How does your system look with $30 commish plus slippage instead of $5 commish plus slip?

    The other thing system brokers dont want to look like they are doing is churning a customers account. Ethical brokers won't be interested in a system that takes many small profit trades per day. This puts most of the profit into their own pocket. The broker would LIKE that, but customers would wise up and complain quickly.
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    As I move up the time frame it becomes more profitable/trade,
    on ES 1hr time frame with $60 taken out for slip & comm on a 1 contract basis it still did: Avg. trade (win & loss): $158.03 /trade with 319 trades a little less than 1 trade a day and on the 15min time frame: Avg. trade (win & loss): $86.40 with 798 trades, a little over 2 trades a day.

    Thanks for the info
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  8. What's the sharpe ratio?
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  9. The NQ report has largest winning trade at $7310.

    NQ is $20 per point.

    7310 / 20 = 365 point.

    The claim is that it is straight intraday and single contract only.

    I do not recall a NQ day ranging 365 points :)
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  10. I have read through your reports, I see a problem. Your maximum exposure is a least 70%. If something happened that causes catatrohic failure in your system, your account could be wiped out.

    Also, if you are going to backtest, 30 years of daily data should do the job, or the intraday equivalent. In other words, your tests are way too short.

    Also, it sounds as if you are severely under prepared. If you can't afford real time data for yourself, no one is going to front money. Most of us remember the dot com days. All hype, no prep, no profits.

    Can you give a more substantial accounting of why anyone should invest in this system of yours?
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