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    Thanks, I have traded some options and stock but I don't pretend to be a trader. I have as much knowledge about the market as anybody could have from books, ET, backtesting, etc... and the limited trading that I have done, but still alas lack the profound wisdom that can be gained from actually making trades day to day in front of the computer screen. Just looking for a partner with some cash and some experience in the Colorado area, someone who is already doing fair but thinks that a good system could help them go all the way.

    Thanks for being kind :)
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  2. you care to elaborate a little on your pair trading strategy? where did you come up with the principle....bright?
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    Here is the Equity curve for ES
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    if you review entry points, i'm sure you will come up with principles:)
    i'm still work on it, but i tell you-best score i got in stocks from totally different sectors. but, position need to hold overnight.
    no more than 1-2 days. i build a module, which search not for correlation, but for price crossover over given period of time.
    amazing things i found. /\/\/\/\/\ -every day
    my point is simple-if same event happends every day 100 days in row- i put my money on it, because i do believe-it will happend again. there is no indicators or something else-pure statistic.
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    Apparently you didn't read what I posted earlier so I will post it again for you.

    "Don't be mad at me, its not traders paradise, just something I ran into that is unrelated while trying to code traders paradise, take a chill pill. Only looking for a partner to help me trade this, not to post how I did it. Read the very first message"

    P.S. So far everyone says they have backtested traders paradise but no one is giving stats or code for it. Also you will note that I did reveal another system of mine on the thread
    "This might be Stupid???", so its not like I'm not sharing.

    Are you employed by

    Thanks for getting all wound up :D :D
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  7. Since your only looking for 10k or so why dont you just get a job. It would provide the capital needed and you wouldnt have to share any of the profits from your system. Good luck.
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  8. I have coded the Traders' Paradise system. It's now publicly available at the WL website. If anyone can tell me how to make money with this system I'd be glad. Spent a lot of time coding this, and it seems just to have been an exercise in futility.:mad:
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    I tested a few stocks, and they didn't perform well? What were your conclusions??:) Wow! thats a lot of code. You must've programmed many of the candlestick patterns as well?
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  10. For candle stick analysis see my script "Candle Pattern Detector". As far as TPS is concerned, I can only say that I am *very* disappointed. Maybe the bad performance is due to the "fuzzy" description of the system and my interpretation. It would certainly be helpful if someone who has experience with this system (and maybe already has traded it for real) would take a look at the script and compare the signals that the script generates to the signals he "sees".

    This is all a bit off topic in this thread. I only posted here because Traders' Paradise was mentioned in some posts.

    I'll try to find a thread dedicated to Traders' Paradise, and if there is none, I'll create it.
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