Finally a Winning Intraday System

Discussion in 'Trading' started by wdbaker, Sep 29, 2002.

  1. gotta start somewhere
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  2. alain


    hi wdbaker

    did you run the backtesting on real tick data? Not just 5 min bars... I mean tick data?
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  3. wdbaker


    I am limited in the data area, the qqq was on base 1min data the es was on base 5min data, didn't have any 1min for the es. Hope that answers your question.

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  4. wdbaker


    By the way, for those of you who think that I am being selfish, I did post a system that was strictly for the es 5min on a thread called "This might be Stupid???"

    the system did pretty well and I gave the code freely, although the first code that I posted was messed up so you might want to look on post 5 page 5, someone else tried to translate into easy language on post 6 page 5, not sure if it worked.

    I gave up on this one because it could not be easily moved to different stocks and futures, probably needs to be optimized.

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  5. alain


    In this case I would just like to let you know that your results are by far not realistic. I don't know your strategy but I'm sure you are using some sort of trailing stop and some level of profit target. The problem is that when you are not backtesting a system in tickdata the signals are not generated where they would have really happened. And I believe that you are also using a moving average with your strategy and moving averages have a totally different effect when you test them with tickdata compared with 5min bar charts.

    I'm not saying your method is bad, I'm just saying that you should do some testing with tickdata.
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  6. wdbaker


    No trailing stop and no profit target, it enters and exits on the close, yes it does use one moving average based on the close of the the 5min bars. My guess is that I wouldn't be adversely affected since there are no decisions made within a bar or based on other time frames.

    your thoughts on this
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  7. wdbaker


    Also this is not at all like the posted system on "This might be Stupid???" thread.

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  8. Quah


    There are no stop loss settings for this system?
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  9. wdbaker


    No it either flips from long to short or gets out when a partially opposite signal appears. I could probably add an emergency stop but I would just as soon have someone trading it to pull the plug incase of disaster.


    Edit, sorry I meant this for Quah
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  10. joeystox

    joeystox Guest

    never hurts to ask. everybody should go a little easier on you (not necessarily give you $ though), as you have mentioned you are not yet a trader. perhaps you aren't familiar with how to start up, have contacts, etc. baker is just trying to start like the rest of us did at one time or another. good luck.:cool:
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