Finally a Winning Intraday System

Discussion in 'Trading' started by wdbaker, Sep 29, 2002.

  1. wdbaker


    I would love to but I am guessing that I would be shooting myself in the foot. I wish I had time to just post live trades off of this and will have to once I find someone who is willing to partner up.

    Probably because it can be coded easily and a big company could trade it to death. (read, Paranoid):D

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  2. wdbaker


    I don't use omega, it is amibroker, apparently you don't understand how to read the report or you wouldn't be slamming it. Also if you think that you can trade at 90% win year around then your better than every one else out there, you must be a god :D

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  3. Bob111


    :) :) :) :) :)
    you are really funny.......they are all morons and only you is a genius! but-they have a billions in profits and you-don't have money for one contract. Only one questions for this kind of person for future-if you so smart, why you so poor?
    how about paper trading? post your signals and same time enter in trade on paper at least:)
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  4. TBA


    That's very nice ! So you take someone else's system, try to code it, then come over here to say it's your own system, and even you don't wanna reveal it.

    I wish the guy who posted the original link to the paradise system was here to watch this movie. Or even the guy who invented the paradise system itself, and decided to publish it for free for everybody.

    For your own information, I have messaged these people, and they showed me evidence that the real paradise system earned them 5 times better results than the ones you're posting here. I'll try to get the guy who quit his job to trade the system come over here and tell everything about it.

    Good Trading All !
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  5. wdbaker


    Don't be mad at me, its not traders paradise, just something I ran into that is unrelated while trying to code traders paradise, take a chill pill. Only looking for a partner to help me trade this, not to post how I did it. Read the very first message

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  6. impetus


    Post you bank's account number and I will wire you
    one million US$
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  7. Bob111


    i did not say it.
    what i was try to say-that we all work hard to make some money from markets and i did not believe 1.any one can do it, 2. it not that simple as you think. if i was think, that i 'm a god and better that every one else here-i would not spend a single second of my life on make posts here)))))). as i say before and it all i mean-it can be very easy and simple on paper, but very hard in real life. also (from my programming expirience) -if you results looks to good-always(again-always) look for possible error.

    Thank you!
    i hope we understand each other))))) I'm wish you good luck!
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  8. wdbaker


    No hard feelings, just felt like you were attacking me, I am not a trader although would like to be some day, that is why I am looking for a partner, I have what I feel is a genuine system and need someone to trade it. I will come up with the money somehow, maybe my own or a partners.

    Thanks and good luck on your pairs trading
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  9. wdbaker


    Wish it was that easy
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  10. Bob111


    no, no man! nothing personal, sorry for any (inconvenience?))))))
    maybe i did not wake up yet:eek: :eek: :eek:
    sometimes little angry in mornings:confused:
    sorry once again:D
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