Finally, a stripped down TWS made possible with new build 854?

Discussion in 'IB Technical Issues' started by isaac000, Nov 12, 2005.

  1. Minimizing the frame forces the java runtime to release all memory. The actually memory usage is actually far smaller. Try it.
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  2. i'm also on 856.5 standalone, and haven't checked mem usage, but i have had unusually sluggish executions and noticably delayed updates in the position column since middle of last week.

    Has anyone else noticed the same?
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  3. i use IB and love it.


    let's be real. i can't imagine anybody using their charts. they are just TERRIBLE. (i chart through medved quotetracker). i shudder to say that AMERITRADE (i have an account with them too for longer term holds, which is fine since they aren't direct access, and I get $3 an order, unlimited shares) charts are better. that's pretty sad.

    i don't care *what* IB adds as far as bells and whistles AS LONG AS the trading functionality remains. unfortunately (microsoft being a prime example), when software features are added, functionality (bulletproof(ness) and speed) always seems to suffer.

    god only knows it's the case with microsoft et al.

    i honestly cannot believe anybody would use IB charts, but whatever.

    Now, if they could improve booktrader - THAT - would be awesome, as long as it didn't add any lag. that would not be bells and whistles, that would be a direct improvement to the trading platform. would be nice to have it a bit more expanded with features like Ninja or Bracket Trader, while still retaining the speed and ease of use. please IB, take a look at Ninja Trader and Bracket Trader, and add just a bit more to bracket trader.

    i like IB for the commission structure, the fact that they don't nickel and dime you, and the broad array of trading vehicles (Singapore, Forex, CME, CBOT, etc. all w/o fees) available.

    i'm also all for adding "end of day" type stuff like the improvements they have made to their account statements (daily, monthly, etc.)

    but when it comes to TWS, reliability and speed are EVERYTHING. and everything else is secondary.

    Java has its issues, we all know, but IB is pretty smooth as is. please do not sacrifice function for bells and whistles.
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  4. Bob111


    i did, and it does work :D

    Thank you!
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  5. hfhe



    How did u get the low commission ($3) with Ameritrade? Are you
    trading a LOT? I have an account with them, too, but cost
    me $11 (or $12) for a trade, no limitation of shares.


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  6. 1) he has an IZone account (stripped down Ameritrade account, no order routing, online support only - no phone):

    That gets you down to $5

    2) Then, (going from memory here) I think if you pay $50 per year or something like that, you can knock the commission down to $3.

    But anyway - I like whitster's idea. Basically, add the functionality that others need to add functionality for your users - don't bother with charts. Provide the data - let us (or ButtonTrader, or other 3rd party developers) concentrade on the bells. Right now wish for 2 things:
    1) EOD data (requesting 5 days at a time is not an option :) )
    2) 10 day backfill (could do 2 requests, but its slow enough as is)
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  7. DAV

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    If you would like to suggest improvements for the Book Trader, Charts or any part of TWS, send them my way.


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  8. yes, jerry.

    izone is a great deal. $3 for unlimited shares is great

    i also keep $49 in my ameritrade apex account, and get free research and a bunch of other stuff. but i don't trade it. :)
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  9. Honestly, I wish you guys had bought QCharts. What an awesome combo that would have been.

    I agree with the other poster on TWS. Make it bulletproof, make it fast, keep it simple.
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  10. agree. Those charts are still so useless vs anything else. It takes 10 -15 secs just to bring 1 up.
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