Finally, a stripped down TWS made possible with new build 854?

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  1. I am playing with the beta version of 854. It looks like with the new "Feature Selector", you can run a stripped down TWS without any bells and whistles. Isn't that what many ETers have been asking for for quite a while?

    If I de-select all the features and restart TWS, The memory usage is less than that when all features selected. This may be the indication that those unselected modules aren't loaded in the memory. A very encouraging sign. Can someone confirm?
  2. I think that what many ET members want is for IB to shift its priorities, so that not only the existing bells and whistles, but also the core functions, for example, optimal order routing and execution, will work correctly and reliably. IB instead neglects quality, and keeps adding more and more bells and whistles, even though so many of the old ones don't work or don't work reliably, and other far more important core problems are just ignored. The feature for excluding non-electronic quotes from SMART, for example, is not just another bell or whistle, it is critical for optimizing execution prices for electronically liquid, exchange-traded U.S. equities, yet it has never actually worked.

  3. Doesn't seem to effect anything. In fact that may be the first totally useless feature(no pun intended) they have added.
  4. IB have previously confirmed that they are moving to a modular approach with TWS for the reasons you mentioned. That is offering functionality to those that want it and allowing those that don't the choice of turning it off.

  5. How much memory does it save?
  6. I had a quick look. I did not notice any decrease in memory useage. Looks it has no effect on the class loader and garbage collector.
    That's garbage, indeed.
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    The add remove features allows you to reduce clutter by removing features you do not use and fine tune the TWS to your preferences. Currently, some, not all, features do remove fully and going forward more will be done behind the scenes to fully remove features and reclaim the resources they consume.
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    I should add that the feature selector was developed to make the TWS more friendly to new users, who will start with basic features and then have the ability to add tools as they become more comfortable.
  9. If you never use a feature then the related classes which support that feature are never loaded. Turning these features off is effectively the same as if you had them on your menu, but never used them.

    That is why the memory usage might appear to be the same.

    "Classes are introduced into the Java environment when they are referenced by name in a class that is already running. "

  10. thanks for expanding market scanner results to 50 from 20.
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