Finally, a president to be proud of

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  1. Copied from elsewhere on the internet:

    Last time I was in Japan, around 2005 I believe it was, things had changed a great deal. This was exemplified in an encounter unlike any other I had had in all the four times I have been to Japan.

    As I was walking from my hotel to a conference, I cut through a nice wooded area. As I walked I saw a bent over, old Japanese woman glaring at me. In all my experience in Japan elderly women seldom paid any attention to foreigners, though when they did it was generally to smile. This one glared.

    I smiled as I approached her and said, in Japanese, "good morning."

    She shouted at me in halting, broken English, ""

    I responded in my best Japanese, "I'm American." [NOTE: I never was one to claim to be Canadian or anything, like some travelers I know did during the Bush years.]

    Her glared got angrier and she erupted in a loud shout (something I had never seen an elderly Japanese woman do) and said, "KILL GEORGE BUSH!!!"

    I quietly explained, again in my best Japanese, that I didn't like George Bush. She smiled, said "goodbye" and walked on.

    THAT is what George Bush did to America.
  2. are you also "finally, proud of your country" ...

    why does the left put so much faith in government? Point to
    any intenrventionist government in human history that
    yielded positive results ..

  3. Postwar Europe and Japan, for starters...

    Learn your history.

  4. who started WWII ?
  5. Were you asking for "positive results" or "negative results?" Or did you think starting the WWII was a "positive result?"

    Never mind, this is too hard for you.

  6. apparently our opinions of what is "too hard" differ
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    Pretty easy to go up when you are starting at zero (rubble and ashes).
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    ...and have big daddy USA protecting you along with marshal plan money
  9. Let me guess, that "big daddy USA" didn't run things through the local governments. Did they just let the market run its course?

    Wait, wait, I know. It was no bid contracts to Haliburton. That must be it.
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