Final paper trade testing of Woodies CCI club

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  1. After two years of daily screen time with esignal and trying innumerable indicators, moving averages, filters, tape reading, bell curves, market profile, on and on. I have settled on Woodies CCI and am starting a serious live paper trading test of the system. The markets I have decided to trade are the Dow, Russell, and NASDQ e-mini. The trend is your friend is more than a cliché; it is a way of surviving as a newbie trader. Therefore I will be focusing on the trend continuation trades in The CCI system at first. Here is a link to the nuts and bolts of the Woodies CCI system;

    YM 2 cars on entry 26 point stop 1st target +10 then move stop to breakeven +1 exit on one of the CCI exit signals or stop out.

    NQ and ER 2 cars 16 point stop same exit rules.

    1.) Zero-line Reject (ZLR)
    2.) Trend Line Break (TLB)
    3.) The Tony Trade (TT)
    4.) GB100 (GB)

    I will also paper trade the trend changing system as well to gain the data needed to begin building confidence in counter trend trading. In my experience the counter trend trade is the biggest confidence crusher so solid understanding of the action is required before live trading can commence.

    1.)The Famir Trade
    2.)The Vegas Trade
    3.)The Ghost Trade

    PFG and Genesis offer a solid charting and execution platform. The most vital aspect of the PFG/Genesis system is the record keeping and trade monitoring capabilities. The platform allows ease of tracking all set ups and their equity curves.

    The only deviation from the woodies cci system I will make is paper trading an additional system with a change in the range bar settings, stop loss, trade entry rules, and position management. The rogue system is based on a test of my experience with the YM contract. Rather than using a 25 point range bar with a 25 point stop I will use a 12 point range bar and a 12 point stop with tape reading on a pull back after the trend continuation signal fires. Exit strategy will be 4 cars in ; 2 cars out at +5, stop to break even, then 1 car out at +10, stop moved to entry +1 with 1 car left open target. The most important part of this test is consistent/rigid adherence to entry rules and meticulous record keeping. I will post a daily analysis of my experience with the live paper trading of the system.
  2. Took a ghost on the NQ 2 cars 15 point stop 10 point target move stop to break even exit CCI line cross below +100. Here is screen shot of my entry my entry.
  3. NQ ghost entry 2154.00 2 cars. First target hit @2156.50 moved stop to break even stopped out on 2nd car @ entry plus one tick.
    Stop out coincided with cross of +100 line. Getting used to this format will only pot chart after trade is term,inated from now on.
  4. the woodie CCI, the way woodies teaches it, is not profitable and never will be.
  5. Your claim is deemed hypocritical at best

    All EMA's are created equal the 34 period least squares MA that woodie uses is much different than yours.

    edge = talent

    edge = consistency

    edge != my special triple guppy ema setting overlayed with CCI

    edge = I R GOOD TRADER

    Edge is just a condescending way of saying ''i am a good trader and you...:confused:
  6. mrBL,

    If you feel you have an edge that is just terrific, by all means shout it to the world.
    In amongst the sheer excitement, dont forget to trade profitably.

  7. Paper entry 2142.25 short on ZLR 15 point stop.
    1 st exit 2139.75 +10
    2 nd exit 2138.00 +17 on CCI turbo cross of standard CCI with loss of momentum to down side as well as bid ask action.
  8. +10 stopped on 2nd half entry +1
  9. limit


    Good luck with your trading. I was in the old talkstox room with woodie back in 1999 and paltalk for a while after that. The only thing constant in trading is change. Every cci trigger from that time no longer works. Tell woodie hello from limit if you talk to him and tell him to stay on his meds.
  10. 4th paper trade

    entry 2142.75
    1 st exit 2140.5 +9

    2nd exit stopped at 2142.75 scratch
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