Final Oanda trade today.

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  1. Tested them out for 6 months... news spreads are outrageous , I can't even hold an already profitable trade without getting screwed and slipped with their bs news spreads.
    Sticking to currency futures instead if I'm going to trade currency. Lesson learned.

    Look at these charts to see some of their bs.
  2. 6a , look at the bottoms, they are flat in ninja-zen, in oanda its all over, triggering stops like a mofo. lol
  3. Yeah...Oanda has also made a mess of MT4 ...
  4. haha now that I take a second look , looks like Zenfire is doing a number at the sunday open with that huge tail on 6a, oanda didn't have that . ehh, maybe someone can just arb it or something but I'll stick with ninja- zen haven't had a problem with them for the last 5 years

    I'm not trying to play "blame the broker" it was my fault for even trying to get a volatility play from some news with a place like oanda in the first place. I hold myself accountable.

    Just pointing out clear differences between both brokers and that news spreads at oanda are insane.
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    trading 1m with 10 pips stop is a bad idea.

    all these hft are after you.
  6. See attached... for comparison. usd/cad vs 6C.................

    With Oanda it makes a third run at the stops at the top where 6C with ninja doesn't, it test a 3rd time without hitting stops below 2nd leg.

    I take it this is commonplace?

    Wonder if there is any room left to arb something like this, I'm thinking probably not unless it gets way out of wack.

    This is the final farewell trade for oanda , bye bye.
  7. Oanda uses midpoint bid/ask charts, your CME charts are last-trade px charts. Just sayin..
  8. This.

    As well, the widening spreads during news releases has always been a known trading condition for Oanda.

    So I simply don't trade news with them. I use another broker for that (one with 'price improvements' and tight but very volatile spreads during news.)

    For day trading periods between news (and during liquid times,) or swing trading (where your swinging hundreds of pips instead of scalping,) Oanda is still hard to beat. The news thing is just one of their 'catches'.

    Anyway... good luck with the new broker, let us know your impressions of them for live execution. :)
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    let us know who is better than oanda
  10. I still trade Forex and I do not know do not ask...But I am leaning towards Currency Futures, lately.


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