final meal requests of people on death row

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  1. Barnes, Jr. Odell 03/01/2000: Justice, Equality, World Peace
  2. Cantu Rube, 08/24/1993: Barbecue chicken, refried beans, brown rice, sweet tea and bubble gum (bubble gum is not permitted under TDCJ regulations)
  3. Santana Carlos 03/23/1993: Justice, Temperance, with Mercy

    NOOOOO!, not Carlos!!
  4. My last meal will consist of:

    Exlax (to give them a real mess after they pull the switch)

    and ...

    Lots and lots of chocolate
  5. My last meal....

    Some Tuna Sashimi...
  6. heh these guys really take advantage of the opportunity, they order allota shit. like 5 cokes heh.
  7. beeeeeeeeeeeeeer
  8. and how come noone got chinese? not on the menu?
  9. beer is forbidden candle, sorry
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