Final Hour Approaching...

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  1. Start your profit-taking engines...



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    I would agree if we were sitting flat the last couple hours, but today I think the gains stay strong into the closing. cnbc will be cheering again that the dow is only 600 points away from a new record high and kudlow will praise goldilocks again.
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  4. I agree. In terms of analysis, here's mine from an alternate thread:

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    back in the bulls court???

    I dont think a market has its correction in 4 days, yea we may trend higher, but there is no possible way the markets are off to new highs. ITs going to be a very volatile ride, wouldnt be suprised to see another triple digit gain tomorrow followed by a triple digit loss on Thursday.
  6. Quote is out of context...

    I was writing about the next few days. Not back to longer-term bull market.
  7. I am saying we go down tomorrow. It’s just a gut feeling. Markets don’t drop and gain it all back so easy.
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    I bet many think yesterday was July 14th 2006 when everything touched bottom and rallied from that point on.
  9. Wow! These bulls have balls!

    Testing highs this deep into the final hour could cost them later on...
  10. I predict tommorrow DOW +20-50, S&P +4-10. The day after that....down similar amount.

    Of course, this is based on zero research and is akin to saying, "I think the roulette wheel will land on red this time"
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