Final Hour Approaching: Should Be A Doozy!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by CalScholar, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. If you're not short, look out. Dow's inability to hold above 12300 is a clear sign that the BEARS ARE COMING!!!

    I'm thinking negative territory into and beyond tomorrow's expectantly abysmal jobs report.

    Good Trading!
  2. Welcome back, volatility!

    Check out NEW ;)
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    Blue's new handle?
  5. If Indexs close very weak today and we have another scary sell off tomorrow, many more people will get seriously concerned, which may start to bring on some hedge fund redemptions. If you believe in your gut that a recession is more likely than not, do you want to be long US equities 4% off of all time highs?
  6. Theyve been selling it off every day around three. Just started a bit early today.
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    No, a 19 year old who, if he's correct, will demand that people laud him. If wrong will dissapper like the money his parents are spending on his crappy education.
  8. Thats a Dude of a statement, Dude :cool:
  9. It seems we're right back to boring...
  10. Looks like its going to be a snoozy rather than a doozy
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