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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by ProHobo, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. ProHobo


    I once had a Preferred account, but stop using them and started using IB.

    Now they have been taken over by Fimat and have partnered with a thrid party trading platform called ncompass and I must say it is the best platform I have used. It is also integrated with Esignal - which is really cool. What I really like about the ncompass is the option chain and rapid fire execution. The risk management window shows net position risk with options and stock, plus you can change time and volatility to look at different risk profiles. Also you can execute into multiple accounts.

    Probably the best thing about Fimat's new platform is the ease of use. I have used lots of great software, but the problem I always had was all the over-kill, too many buttons, it was just way too much. Like it was design by an engineer not a trader. Fimat's new software is simple and fast. They are rolling out new features all the time and they are open to suggestions.

    If you haven't tried Fimat with their new platform ncompass, I suggest you check it out. I was thinking about closing my Preferred Trade account because I was using IB, until they lauched this.

    If you are a Fimat client you can download the software at
  2. I see no mention of this s/w on the Fimat/Preferred site. Is it rebranded as what they call Preferred Trade?
  3. ProHobo


    I called vtrader about opening an account, but I decided to stay retail for now. They told me about the software and that it is avaliable to both retail and professionals. They said that it is integrated into Fimat.

    They told me the software was designed for professional traders by a company partnered with them and the software is made avaliable by both vtrader and Fimat.

    It is not preferred trade software.

    check out the website it looks nothing like preferred trade.
  4. Maverick74


    NCompass is a VTrader product, not Fimat. It simply uses data from Fimat/Prefered. NCompass is being offered to Fimat customers as well as a few other firms. I know the software well if anyone has any questions.
  5. Looks pretty cool. What does Fimat charge to use it or is it free?