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  1. Hey guys, Is there any decent filter programs out there, real time,

    free would be nice too but something that doesnt cost and arm and leg.

  2. To filter what from what?
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  4. Filter stocks.
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    filters..stocks..that's all we know...

    kinda sad to see those type of questions from ET member from 2005

    can you be more specific about what excatly you are looking for?
    based on what?
    fundamentals,technicals,indicators,calculations,options? :confused:

    here...take your pick-
  6. Sorry guys, was not descriptive.

    I need a filter that finds stocks that have moved 5% in the last 10 minutes..

    Just an example.

    PS i used to use filters like 8 years ago.. heheheh.

    Then became fundementalist. Now Im back to looking for these type moves.
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    it's can be done in excel easily
  8. try madscan...

    I use it and love it.

  9. Hmmm?
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