Filming Cops will get you Beat Up in America

Discussion in 'Politics' started by achilles28, May 30, 2008.

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    News reporter gets assaulted for refusing to stop filming cop in public.

    A great day for Liberty.

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  2. How do these fatass cops even pass the physical training?
  3. achilles28


    Thug Cops tackling passive citizens just warms my heart.

    That dirt bag needs to get sued, fired, then incarcerated.

    Courts have ruled time and time again public happenings have no reasonable expectation of privacy, therefore, can be video or audio taped.

    Thats why the Government has sought fit to jam a camera in our face, at every street, intersection and highway in the Country.

    Oh, so the Government can tape citizens in public but we can't tape them? Nope.
  4. hughb


    In NYC it is illegal to film law enforcement officers without their consent. It was a law passed after 9/11 to protect the officers. It even included parking enforcement officers. If any of you have watched the Jimmy Justice videos of him filming parking and traffic cops, you will notice some of them tell him he doesn't have permission to film them.

    As far as cops being bullies, I was once in a bar that was raided by police. There were dope dealers hanging out outside the bar and they also believed one of the bartenders was dealing behind the bar, which turned out to be true. I was in there the day the raid happened. In addition to searching all the bar patrons, they checked everyone's ID's too. Anyone who didn't have an ID went to jail. The cop who came to the area of the bar where I had been coming out of the restroom was obvioulsy an undercover cop judging by his clothes and grooming. He was acting as tough as he could, and I stopped putting up with it. I demanded to see his supervisor who did eventually came over. I told the supervisor about the asshole, and he was of course unsympathetic.

    I consented to a search, and was sitting there waiting for them to let us all go. At one point I heard my name coming over one of their radios, but I couldn't hear what else was said. Undercover cop leaves, comes back and asks me if I have any warrants. I said no. He said I have a no-bail arrest warrant from San Francisco CA. I assured him I did not, and I am sure that he believed me judging by the questions. He goes back over to his supervisor and the radio, then comes back.

    "stand up, turn around, put your hands behind your back". He was arresting me anyway. I'm sure he knew I wasn't the guy on the warrant, but his asshole supervisor must have told me to arrest me anyway. As I was being led out in cuffs, the supervisor was taunting me. He was a little short shit no taller than my chest, my arms were bigger around than his whole body. But he saw his chance to prove his manhood and took it, even though he didn't beat me. I was stuffed into the paddy wagon with the dope dealers and taken to the police station, but the immediately released me, having had their entertainment for the day. The person on the warrant did not even come close to matching my description.

    The station was close to the bar so I stormed back to get that supervisors name. The bartender was outside the bar and advised me to just let it go because I was too upset, and buzzed too. So I never got the guy's name. I would have loved to have the chance to have him taunt me when I wasn't cuffed.
  5. The news reporter had been warned three times in the last two weeks that he needs to identify the media staging area and remain there.

    The Police chief had spoken to the executive of the news bureau regarding prior incidence with the "cowboy" reporter.

    The CO was called during this video's incident, the CO called the news bureau and spoke with the reporter's senior editor who told the Police Chief "This kid is the editors nephew. He is a pain in the ass, We are looking for any reason to fire him. Do what you have to do".

    The Police chief, tells the officer at the scene to give the reporter directions to the staging area. "If he gives you any shit, cuff him"

    Give me liberty.
  6. Hugh,

    I knew this guy, similiar situation. He was driving on the northway, left lane doing 65 (the speed limit). Coming up from behind real fast was an unmarked police car with 4 detectives in it. They flashed the high beams, several times. My friend, being the prick he is, thinks to himself "hey, I'm doing the speed limit, fuck 'em" and didn't change lanes, he may or may not have figured out it was an unmarked car, he never would admit it if he did.

    Anyways, the cops put on their bubble light and pulled him over. Really he didn't do anything wrong. The cops flashed a badge and told him to follow them to a substation. He went in and the detectives told him to wait, while they check him out.

    The four detectives got back in the car and left. My friend sat there for about two hours "waiting", annoyed he finally demanded some answers. Whoever was in charge told him he was free to go, "the detectives left hours ago". I thought it was funny as hell.
  7. piezoe


    I live in a community where the police are totally out of control, corrupt, and incompetent. I wonder how common this is in the US. Surely there must be communities where the police are competent and obey the law.

    My thinking is that we don't need more cops, we need, fewer, better educated, competent cops who can understand the law and follow it.
  8. They have seized that power on orders from their masters of the great conspiracy and the objective....


    One may apply this sentence to any number of things. In the first few paragraphs it is used to explain control by the media or the UN, I could suggest one also, agriculture.

    My preferable "master of the great conspiracy and objective" is the dang historical upward trend of the Dow. Gee's that annoys me. It has to be a gov't plot. Can't sumbody do sumpin?
  9. I didn't know this and wonder what the NYCLU has said on the subject.
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