Film could lead to jail

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    THE man behind the anti-Islamic film that led to the violent unrest in the Middle East could be sent back to jail for violating his probation by distributing the movie.

    Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, 55, has convictions for possessing drugs used to make methamphetamine and for bank fraud, a declaration of bankruptcy, demands for unpaid tax bills and at least 17 aliases including ''Kritbag Difrat'' and ''PJ Tobacco''.

    Mr Nakoula, a married father of three and an Egyptian Coptic Christian, who once owned a petrol station, is believed to have worked on the script for Innocence of Muslims in a Californian jail cell.

    He is on probation after serving a year of a 21-month sentence for fraud, which involved obtaining credit cards in the names of other people.

    Advertisement He was banned for five years from using the internet and email without the approval of a probation officer. But, in July, a ''Sam Bacile'', believed to be Mr Nakoula, uploaded a 14-minute trailer to YouTube. The California probation unit is investigating if he breached his conditions.

    Mr Nakoula was believed to be in hiding at his home near Los Angeles.

    On Thursday Mr Nakoula telephoned a Coptic church leader, claiming he did not make the film.

    The film was produced by a US religious group called Media for Christ and reportedly directed by a pornographer. Alan Roberts's previous work includes soft porn and hammy action with titles like Young Lady Chatterley II and Karate Cop.

    Telegraph, London; Agence France-Presse
  2. Are you simply reporting, or are you participating in this government driven smear campaign? His past is irrelevant. His ties to whatever group, meaningless. He has the right, just like Bill Maher did, to make his film, to speak his mind, however poorly. To deny him this right, to interigate him, to threaten him with jail and more importantly send this threat to all of us if we step out of line, to, for all practical purpose out him for a hitman to kill, these things are an affront to the freedom of every man.
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    There's that comprehension thing again, Cap'n.
    As an aside, you seem to have taken the collaboration of a religious group and a pornographer completely in stride. Nothing noteworthy there, eh? Fascinating.
  4. Without the internet this would have never happened.
    Who invented the internet....the Government.
    Lets arrest the Government.
  5. I would bet he knows you are right, and agrees with you, but he probably wants others to think something else, because of X. Figure out X , and you would be able to know what he would say before he says it.
  6. Didn't Mitt Romney stand behind those involved in the film at the beginning of the crisis, and criticized the President for not defending the makers of the film?
  7. Hate and intolerance do make for some strange bedfellows. I don't understand your reading comprehension reference. Perhaps you're making the point that he isn't being persecuted, possibly prosecuted, for the making of the film, but his lengthy criminal past and possible parole violation. Fair enough point, but my counterpoint would be there was no reason to be digging into this guys past in the first place. All he did was make a really shitty movie. The government is sending a clear message to the rest of us. Speak your mind at your own peril. If we don't like what you say, we'll find something on you. After all, they're in the business of finding something when it suits them.
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    It's been like that for some time now, Capt. The new message is that if some foreigners in another land don’t like what you say, we may find something on you.
  9. It's Cap'n, not Capt. Show some respect will ya?:D
  10. As a Canadian, you may not be aware of the tension here in the states. Things are in flux. People are focusing on the message rather than the messenger. We are in the midst of an identity crisis here. Worse, the split is 50/50 and that is always a bad thing.
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