Fills on ZN?

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  1. Hey guys, how are the fills on ZN? is it like the ES, where the price has to go through your order to get filled or does it get filled if touched?

    and how do the stops getting filled - if touched or if the price goes through your order?

    thank you for your time
  2. can someone please answer - it would really help me and others possibly. Its just a simple question...anyone who trades ZN would know this.

    the reason i ask is because: when trading on the simulator - the orders only get filled when the price goes through the order, but when trading live - for some instruments the order gets filled if touched. so just wondering how the orders with ZN get filled.
  3. MATE you have to realize that for any contract you have to assume price trades through your price only sims give touch fills
  4. I don't understand your question:

    I use NT and all of my order entries are made with limit orders.

    For the Stops, they get filled when they trade through the stop, but I try not to let it go that far, as those are worse case scenarios.

    Trade a contract or two (it's almost twice as liquid as the ES) to see how it works for yourself.

    Go ahead, dip the toe in the water. :)

    Good trading.
  5. And with stops you should include slippage and dont forget your comms.

    You sound very green I advise staaying away from using real money for a while till you have a better understanding how markets work
  6. Or as the above poster said tip your toe in with a few grand but something tells me you dont have that much which if true get on a sim like NT
  7. thanks very much Bogan + MandelbrotSet for your replies and advice, i will be sure to proceed with caution.

    ...i just wanted to clear things up. and i been using market orders: so never bothered to worry about fills.
  8. if you liked what came before you're going to love this ... never use market orders.

    If you've gotten good fills so far (with live trading) you've been lucky, eventually you're going to catch a fast moving market and the broker is going to take the opportunity to totally ass rape you in the worse way possible.

    just a heads-up :p

  9. as far as i noticed with NQ - the fills usually aren't too bad with market orders, maybe an occassional 1 or 2 tick slippage - but with ZN, i agree that market orders should not be used.

    and thank you very for the advice....i could really use it!
  10. Surdo


    You will occasionaly get hosed on a market order in ZN/ZB....I will use a bid side offer maybe down a tick to allow for a 1 tick slippage if I really need to get on the tape.

    Unless the market is moving, you usually can hit or take with ease.
    I am typically on the wrong side of the market, so I usually get price improvement before getting bent over!

    el surdo
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