Fills on electronic vs. pit.....experiences?

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  1. What have you seen as far as slippage in the grains over the past few months comparing pit to elec.? Has elec. been better or worse? Any thoughts on the pit or elec. overall....bad or good? Has size been an issue either way?
  2. katesdp


    More volume on the screen now.
  3. fills are still better in the pits, its hard to do big volume on the screen, except corn. Corn markets seem to be the best E-trade right now. Everything else you need to give up an edge.
  4. today,was interesting.well the last half hr anyway.the ecbot went wild while cbot was a little bit more steady price wise.i guess when the funds want out,they get out. :)
  5. bunkinc


    Fat finger order in corn.... and the pit followed it down. I was hoping for a bust after it took out my stop, but they're nervous up here.
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    just an fyi the bit hardly if ever breaks trades even fat fingers.
  7. they have a no break range,but for ecbot grains they adjust the price not break the trade. the second spike down looked to b"normal"trading though
  8. What exactly do you mean by fat finger trade?
  9. Putting in the wrong information (buy to sell - sell to buy) or (200 vs. 20) or (Market order at 275.00 instead of 375.00)

    These are just examples.
  10. recent mistake made at the tokyo se: intend to buy 1 share at ~¥600k ; phat finger sent order to buy ~600k shares at ¥1 each...costly mistake...10s of million of dollars paper losses off the bat. trade was not even busted.
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